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Privacy policy

VEEM.Legal respects your personal information. VEEM.Legal cannot render its services without processing certain of your (personal) details. VEEM.Legal therefore applies a privacy policy that is applicable to its website and - if applicable - to all details processed by VEEM.Legal when rendering its services. VEEM.Legal applies the manual of the Dutch data protection agency of 31st October, 2017.

What is the purpose of this privacy policy ?

VEEM.Legal considers it important that the (possible) processing of your (personal) details is taking place in a way that complies with current and future safety measures for protecting your privacy. As such VEEM.Legal complies with current rules and regulations on privacy included in the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation that will enter into force on 25th May, 2018.

In this privacy policy you will read what personal details VEEM.Legal will (potentially) process, for which purposes and in which ways. By using this website you express your consent to this use of your personal details by VEEM.Legal in the way set out in this privacy policy.

For which purpose ?

* to offer and improve this website;

* to obtain website usage statistics;

* to comply with applicable rules and regulations.

In which way ?

The website is making use of Google Analytics. It is a web analysis service offered by Google. Google Analytics is making use of analytical cookies. These are cookies (small text files) placed on your computer, in which certain data are recorded - such as a website you are visiting - in order to determine user statistics.

If you visit the website of VEEM.Legal, you will see a banner on top in which the use of cookies is being disclosed. If you do not wish to have any cookies, you may refuse their use by amending your browser settings. In that case there is a possibility that some functions (and services) on this site and potentially other sites will not work properly.

Cookies have been set in a privacy friendly mode

The data potentially collected are only data collected by Google Analytics. As a result of Google Analytics certain non-traceable data are collected such as: IP-address (anonymised), technical details (for example what browser you are using, the resolution of your computer screen), what pages you are visiting on the website of VEEM.Legal and from what website you arrived at VEEM.Legal.

VEEM.Legal has entered into a processing agreement with Google. It provides that Google will only act as processor of the data. The cookies have been set in such a way that Google does not process the full IP-address. This means that the last octet of the IP-adress has been anonymised, the so-called 'Anonymize IP'. Apart from that no data are shared with Google. The possibility of sharing data with Google has therefore been switched off. VEEM.Legal does not make any use of other Google Analytics cookied.

Questions ?

If you are have any questions on the applicable privacy policy, you may contact VEEM.Legal, email:

The contact details may also be found on the website, on the page 'Contact'.

Privacy policy, VEEM.Legal, version March, 2018