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About VEEM.Legal

VEEM.Legal was founded by attorney-at-law, Brigitte Vrij-Vanatova. Brigitte is an attorney-at-law at the law firm De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten (DKVA). In addition, Brigitte is a founder of the office, VEEM.Legal, which focuses on legal consultancy. She practices Real Estate Law and International Trade Law and has obtained extensive advisory and litigation experience with several medium-size law firms. She has acted for numerous companies - including exchange listed companies - both as attorney-at-law and on an interim basis. Therefore she is often asked as an attorney-at-law and as an interim lawyer by various companies.

Brigitte studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam. In addition she has participated in a summer school of the University of Cambridge in England in which all aspects of English law were taught. Moreover she passed an extensive postgraduate course on real estate law by the Grotius Academy. Brigitte is a member of the Association of Real Estate Lawyers (Vereniging Vastgoed Juristen) and of Dutch Women in Real Estate. In cooperation with other real estate lawyers she has written a book on nuisance causing neighbours, entitled "Remedies against lessees causing nuisance."  

Brigitte has built a substantial track record in both Real Estate Law and International Trade Law. On a regular basis she gives to Dutch and international companies legal seminars. Furthermore Brigitte publishes legal articles in several journals.

Brigitte is Dutch, but she was born in Prague (Czech Republic) and is fluent in Dutch and English but also in the Czech language. Apart from Real Estate Law she also practices International Trade Law. On International Trade Law she mainly handles disputes between Dutch and Czech companies. She collaborates with the Czech embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce in Prague (NCCC), the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (CDCC) and Czech Trade in Rotterdam. Each year she participates in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy in a trade mission to the Czech Republic.   

Apart from her work she is a member of The ELSA Lawyers Society. This is a network of attorneys at law and lawyers in 43 countries aimed at exchange of knowledge and using local knowledge. Her membership has enabled her to build up good relationships with law firms in various countries. Furthermore, for many years Brigitte was a member of the Rotary Club Amsterdam International (RCAI). 

You can contact Brigitte directly on:

Mobile number: +31 (0)6 455 20 644

Attorney-at-law at DKVA 

Brigitte is an attorney-at-law at the Amsterdam based law firm De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten (DKVA):

DKVA is a medium sized law firm with approximately 30 lawyers and a broad range of legal services. The firm is characterised by putting clients' interest first and a one stop shop approach

Brigitte calls DKVA a 'place to be'. An office where knowledge and knowledge sharing are of great importance, where people are valued and motivated to realise their ambitions and which has a pleasant work atmosphere.  

Furthermore, DKVA is ranked as a Top Ranked Law Firm by Chambers and is part of the international network of The Global Lawyers.