VEEM.Legal is a niche Dutch office, run by Brigitte Vrij-Vanatova, a Czech and English speaking Dutch qualified attorney at law. The office is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is specialised in International Trade law including Contract law as well as Real Estate law. 

VEEM.Legal understands the needs of Czech or foreign businesses and can help your business activities in the Netherlands in your own language and at competitive rates. For example, if you need legal advice on Dutch or international law or have a dispute with a Dutch counterparty. 

VEEM.Legal provides advice to several companies who do business in the Netherlands. VEEM.Legal acts for numerous companies - from small and medium sized enterprises to big corporations, including exchange listed companies. On a regular basis VEEM.Legal offers legal seminars to companies and it publishes relevant legal articles.  

VEEM.Legal is a part of an international network and it has a good collaboration with De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten (DKVA), an Amsterdam law firm. DKVA is ranked as a Top Ranked Law Firm by Chambers Europe, and which is part of the international network of The Global Lawyers and The Toledo Group. The collaboration offers access to a broad range of legal services to your business. VEEM.Legal has been recognised and appreciated by many clients for truly putting clients' interest first. 

VEEM.Legal also gladly helps you on an interim or project basis. Companies often choose this because it is attractive: legal support is flexible. Moreover, it is often more advantageous and the costs better match the size, duration and importance of the case. 

Furthermore, VEEM.Legal is a member of and cooperates with several (international trade) organisations. 


* Has an approach to offering legal services that deviates from the more common practise of charging relatively high fees on an hourly basis, often without sufficient clarity on the need or usefulness of such services.

* Acknowledges that legal services are merely a means of serving your real estate and trade. Quality must be good but is not a purpose in itself. 

* Will consider usefulness, need, scope of work and alternatives for the legal services anticipated and the expenses thereof. You will be timely consulted on this so you can decide what services you actually require. If a legal solution is not the most viable solution, you will be told.

VEEM.Legal doen't just write this on a website, but practices this as well. VEEM.Legal has been a growing practise where clients keep coming back, spread positive feedback and are hardly ever surprised or dissatisfied about value delivered for fees charged. VEEM.Legal believes in this approach as having satisfied clients is the best basis for a healthy office. 

Clear communication and expectations

Lack of clarity in communication and expectations is an important source of irritation and disputes. By advising you on how to communicate and manage legally important expectations clearly we will help you to prevent disappointment and disputes in your business. 

Reasonable rate and not unexpected costs 

The legal services provided by VEEM.Legal are characterised by good quality for a reasonable rate that fits the economic interest they serve. VEEM.Legal listens carefully to your needs and interests and will make a cost-benefits analysis of the available options. As such VEEM.Legal will offer value for money insofar as cost, chances, risks and rewards can be estimated. 

The most effective solution

VEEM.Legal will determine in consultation with you what scope of legal support will be useful or necessary for you to accomplish your targets and what will be most desirable in terms of costs, benefits and alternatives.

No expensive litigation will be initiated if a tactical phone call might reach a similar and more cost-effective result. Or if it will not jeopardise your relationship with a business partner you would like to keep. VEEM.Legal will naturally also be ready, willing and able to take your case to court if that's what it takes.

Moreover, VEEM.Legal considers it an important service that you will be able to discuss your case without being charged (within reasonable limitations). Time plays a role for our fees but shouldn't put a time bomb under our relationship with you. 


Acting with integrity is an important core value of VEEM.Legal. 'Reputations come by foot and leave by horse' as a Dutch expression goes. Clients will have to feel comfortable about our advice and litigation tactics. This will require integrity. 


Being passionate to achieve the best results is also very important for legal services. VEEM.Legal provides its services with passion.